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Originally Posted by Lina Inverse
Of course I can:
All American cartoons suck.
There. Very easy.
Especially valid if it's Disney cartoons (to get this back on topic). Disney cartoons are the grand master of humongous suckage! *barf*
The rest of the American cartoons don't suck nowhere near as badly.
Yes, dare I say it, there are even *very* rare exceptions which are actually watchable!
Only two exceptions I can think of now would be Spawn and South Park.
Hmm, a cross over would surely be hilarious... "Spawn Park"
"Oh no, Spawn killed Kenny... you bastard!"
How is it huge suckage? Because the art doesn't look like the art in Japan?

What's so great about anime anyways? I can write up an anime that supposely "cool" right now.

A slient type dumbass guy comes to town. He's really gifted, but acts like an idiot. He meets a girl in his class and they A. Quickly Argue, B. She loves him at first sight. A monster or badguy comes to town, and finds out the girl has some super secret power to rule the world. Guy defends her from bunch of monsters.


Guy get's horrendously beaten up over and over and over untill he's a bloody pulp. Yet he doesn't lose, he either A. Powers up for some super attack nobody ever seen and destroys the supposely super bad guy in one hit. B. The girl says "NOOOOOOOO" then shoots a super powerful beam that kills the supposely bad guy in one hit. or even C. He exclaims how he won't Die here and he has a Promise made to that girl who probably abuses him, and laughs then for some reason finds strength to kill the bad guy.

Then everyone goes WTF?!!?!? OMG HAXOR!!!?!?!?!??!

Ring a bell?

Batman is extremely lame, but so is Goku... I really don't know which of the two sucks more.
I bet if the two ever met each other, they would end up as a gay couple!
There they could put their sucking to good use... as long as they don't go from suck to blow
blasphemy! batman is one of the best fictional characters ever. he has everything dumbass anime nerds (Narrtards) want. Dark Past, conflicted freudian concepts, and throws weapons, knows martial arts, and hell he even wears a mask. And hell at least he freaking Loses once in awhile. 4 dead robins, a broken back, and a obsessive compulsive disorder.

Oh yea.

Anime characters talk all the freaking time to the bad guy. Over stupid redundant ideas about what's good and bad, and sometimes they jsut stand there looking at each other. Freeza vs Goku? Naruto vs Kabuto, Orochimaru vs 3rd. Sheesh shut up already and fight. Unlike Batman who already figures out the plans of the badguy, goes out then when he sees them he proceeds to open a can of whoop ass. He doesn't wait for the enemy to talk and say all this stupid crap. He just runs up to the guy and smashes his face. He's done, and he's always right. That's a hero.

Then they take 10 episodes just explaining a past history nobody really cares about, and it's just there to waste paper. Such as Sasori in Naruto. He dies after, now who cares about his past? Zabuza? Haku? All died, and nobody cares now. Crocodile for One Piece? Those big Giants? Who cares now. In 1 episode of an Western Cartoon explains what 20 episodes of what an anime does.

For Example: Scrooge McDuck.

In one episode he explains his past to his nephews. And in 30 minutes, we find out he was born in Ireland, worked as a shoe cleaner as a boy, went west to the gold rush, invested in a mining company, struck billions, and now he's the riches duck in the world.

Man his life story in 30 minutes. And that's all we really need to know.

I don't care that Nami was an adopted daughter of some woman who's name nobody knows, and has a sister that was tormented in the past. We didn't need 1 hour worth of that. All we need to know is in 5 minutes. Crocodile could just said "Hows ,Name of Nami's mom, doing in her coffin?"

Bam in that one sentence we figured out the past of someone that would have took 2 episodes.

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