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Originally Posted by aahhsin
So, American cartoons are better than Naruto, harems, and Dragonball Z. I believe you have established this point. I'd like you to illustrate how they are significantly better than shows like Fullmetal Alchemist, GunGRAVE, Berserk, Monster, Trigun, and Great Teacher Onizuka (just to name a few). I challenge you to do this. Oh, and, as a ground rule, the fact that Batman could beat the main character up really does not make his series any better (though I personally happen to love Batman and most all comic book heroes).

I'm assuming you haven't even seen many of these shows. You can compare Batman (an example of an American masterpiece) to Naruto (a mediocre at best anime) all you want, but you aren't proving your point doing so. I happen to like the best anime better than the best American shows I've seen, but I enjoy both (arguably my favorite show of all time was the 90's Spiderman animated series).
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