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I just checked the VA list for the series and Aya HIRANO has a role into this as Sanae Nakajima, probably the pink-haired loli. Oh, by the way, just in case anyone actually doesn't know what so particular about this VA, she just had a stand out performance voicing Haruhi in SHnY. Thanks NeoSam for taking care of the thread's existence.

I'm all but salivating for this series by the description alone. It's been ages since I have seen a good harem series where macho loli wants to have a guy's (more than likely a wimpy ass guy's) baby. Last one that came close to matching the description would be Maburaho, but it has been so long ago..

I think my only concern at the moment is the production company who are responsible for series like Tsuyokiss and Happy 7. At the same time, to their credit, they have also produced Petit Cossette, an absolute gem of an OVA series, and Kasimasi, a pretty decent series.

Anyway, I won't care about the animation as long as the show deliver my weekly dosage of harem right on time with, at least, a minimal of effort. That's all I ask. A nice cover pic from AniDB that sort of tries to portray these bad ass mamas.

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