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Originally Posted by Hunter View Post
That was Rock Lee's theme, not the manga's.
The fact that being genetically superior means that you are better than most everybody has become an absolute fact of this manga with the whole RS descendant/Minato's son crap.
I have a different view on this. Minato is the best example, he didn't have any advanced bloodline, yet he became the hokage and not someone from the great clans. So was the case with the 3rd hokage. Another example is Ororchimaru, and also Kabuto, even if they did it the evil way, but they worked hard to gain abilities that others like Madara or Hashirama have simply had by default. Then there's Jiraiya too, just like the other 2 sannins, he became a sage. I didn't mean to say that these people actually surpassed the most powerful bloodline-powered guys like Hashirama or Itachi (as i wrote in my last post Tsunade won't win the fight here, she's still weaker), but in the process of rivalry and competition they became stronger than most of the bloodline-powered guys there are. Sure Lee or Gai will never compete with people like Itachi or Sasuke, but they became stronger than most of the ninja who have advanced bloodlines. We can say that even the current Edo-Madara is the product of not giving up on being inferior to someone else, Madara both admired and hated Hashirama, he admitted to be inferior to him, but he didn't give up, he made a plan to surpass him. And finally there was Sasuke, in all those flashbacks we see him training hard because he feels inferior to his brother, even if Itachi didn't have to kill his clan, and became hokage or something like that, even then Sasuke would have worked very hard to keep up with his brother, and in the process he would become stroner that if he didn't have this rivalry with his brother.

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