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I think it had to be done that way, because otherwise Naruto not trying to kill Nagato would be called complete bullshit. Naruto lost his mind (transformed into kyuubi) because he was thinking that Hinata is dead. Later when the slug tells him she and others are still alive he is so happy that he even cries a bit, i think Kishimoto inserted that to somehow bridge the state of complete madness (kyuubi transformed) and the state of mind when he talks to Nagato.
I think hunter is pretty spot on with that analysis. I remember being shocked by it as well when everyone was brought back to life. naruto should have still been pretty upset and angry about kakashi being killed. of course hinata is the one that pushed him over into rage since it happened right in front of him, but I have to think kakashi's death should have been enough to prove the point that naruto was in control of his emotions and desired peace above all else
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