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He was very angry and sad when he realized that kakashi is dead, but he was in complete control of his mind then, that how he could fight and to think of strategies to beat the various pain bodies. He also dealt with Jiraiya's death earlier. But Hinata's death was completely different as we have seen it, he completely freaked out and lost control. To put it another way: how would you have reacted if Hinata was dead and then you see Naruto lets Nagato walk away, not even trying to get revenge for what just happened? I would call that complete bullshit. But since Hinata and many others survived, we are more likely to accept Naruto's decision. It doesn't mean that we accept it, just that it's more acceptable that way
I don't see it that way. I think what infuriated naruto more was seeing it done right in front of him. if kakashi was killed right in front of his eyes I believe he would have reacted the same way. likewise, if he arrived at the fight and was told that hinata was already killed, I don't think he would have gone crazy and tried to completely unseal the kyuubi from the news.

by the time naruto reached nagato for their face to face, he was much calmer and I believe would have negotiated for peace and tried to understand where nagato was coming from regardless of who he thought was still dead or not. I'm sure it was a relief to hear she was alive, but I don't see it as a game changer, when kakashi (someone who means much more to him than hinata) is lying dead on the same battlefield he just left

edit: I do also believe though that kishi wussed out and wasn't willing to have her die at all. I just disagree about it effecting naruto's will to the extent you're implying
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