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The only reason WWII made the USA changed from industrilized nation to world superpower was because the other "winning" countries of said war paid thru their noses for the help the USA provided in defeating the axis. From that point onwards all wars have drained money from the usa (and placed in in the hands of weapon making corporations).

Now, remember the USSR? Reagen defeated them without shooting a single bullet, the war in afganistan drained them economically to the point of collapse, many republics broke free from imperialistic soviet rule. Guess what is happening now? First afganistan, then iraq and now iran, the USA is bleeding money at an alarming rate and it will have the very same consequences, you will soon start hearing governors from rich states talking about breaking away if washington does not stop expending money in ridiculous wars and there will be a moment when the army will be so depleted that they will actually do so without fear of another civil war.
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