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Originally Posted by EssTEss View Post
So, i need a little advice. I'm a barb in inferno and i'm dying a lot. Yeah, happens to everyone i gather, but it probably happens a lot more to me since i'm still using AH stuff i bought for myself at 10k a pop back in the beginning of hell

I've only been upgrading my weapon, and even that could be better right now. I have just under 1mil in gold, what do i spend it on for optimal upgrades?
Well, you will need to provide some details so that we can reply properly.

1) Do you prefer to solo, or group play?
2) What are your current stats? Namely,
  • Armor value
  • Lowest resist value
  • Unbuffed HP
  • DPS
  • Attack Speed
  • Life on Hit value
3) What's your current progression? Act 1? Act 2? Which quest?

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