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Thanks for the replies, all of you

Originally Posted by Skane View Post
Well, you will need to provide some details so that we can reply properly.

1) Do you prefer to solo, or group play?
2) What are your current stats? Namely,
  • Armor value
  • Lowest resist value
  • Unbuffed HP
  • DPS
  • Attack Speed
  • Life on Hit value
3) What's your current progression? Act 1? Act 2? Which quest?

1) I prefer solo play

2) My current stats are as follows:
  • Armour: 7037
  • Lowest resist: 368
  • HP: 33141
  • DPS: 8347.72
  • Attack speed: 1.4
  • LOH: 65
3) I can do up to the "The imprisoned angel" part of act I, but i get stuck in Leoric's torture chambers (before the warden) and can't progress any further.
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