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Such a good episode. The fights were really cool, Kinana is becoming more important, we know where Laki and guildarts are, and we may see them fight, and the opening and endings are nice.

I'm really excited about this second part. No manga stuff was shown in the opening from what i could tell, so i think this will go one for a couple more months. Omaigosh the Jiggle Jugs Gang rofl. Glad Erza showed them.

It seems to me that Legion believes they are the good guys, from what both Byro and Mary said. Which makes it interesting for me, since most FT villains just like being evil. Legion seems to think they are the heroes of this story, and it creates and interesting dynamic. Is fairy tail in the wrong here? or is Legion.

I'd give it a 5/5 personally in a non review like way. I really enjoyed this episode.
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