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Good episode, I liked it.

Lucy and Coco's synchronized fall was lol. Lucy using spirits and whip intelligently was cool, too. Lol again at Aquarious wanting Lucy to learn to summon 2 spirits at once, heh.

Zenitopia guys look like they might not be so evil after all... the opening hints at Orecian seis coming back, which might be the true baddies here. The archbishop seems a little sketchy, too.

So Mira has a form that is more powerful? Why didn't she use it before in the Tenrou island arc? Forbidden because of destroying a town is an amusing reason (considering FT does that on a near daily basis anyway), but seriously speaking, using it when Lisanna was first threatened in the Tenrou arc would have made sense. And I'd really like to see Elfman and Lisanna get stronger.

Edit: The OP also suggest Gildarts and Laki will fight together as well. I have wanted to see more of FT's secondary cast fight more often, and especially Laki.
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