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Originally Posted by Krono View Post
She likely didn't have the power for it. She pretty clearly doesn't have nearly the stamina that Erza and Laxus do, and her take-overs probably don't leave as much room for conserving power as Laxus and Erza's magics do either.
I think this is the main reason. Also, she was forbidden from using it. We saw how much damage was caused by it, imagine it on the island with people running around everywhere.

I did love the ending where she said "bad girl"
It would have been so uncomfortable and cliche for her to go all crazy and loco on Mary, so i liked how it was done.

Is that a new sword Erza used (speaking of the Jiggly ladies)? Scarlet sword or katana or something she called it. It looks pretty cool so i hope we see her actually use it at some point.
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