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Originally Posted by Kaijo View Post
We don't know how much magic it takes to change forms, vs. using magic attacks in the current form. I'll grant that it is a possibility, but... Lisanna was going to get blown up. Given how protective we know Mira is of her siblings, I see no reason why she wouldn't bust it out. True, it wouldn't be something to pull out in casual combat. But the moment she realized she couldn't beat Azuma in the normal form, she should have gone super. Given how easily she pwned her normal form with it, she would have wiped the floor with Azuma in just a few seconds.

But regardless of what clunky explanations we give it, the anime doesn't give any explanation. I'll mostly let it pass, but it's just an awkward point with me. Kinda like the whole "Lisanna is really alive!" idea.

Of course, given this is an anime-only arc, one could say it's not canon and thus disregard it. But I expect we'll see this form in the manga, eventually.
I'm still under the assumption that she just didn't have the power to pull out something so powerful. Wasn't much of an issue with Mary since she hadn't fought or anything.
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