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Instinctively you wonder why Mirajane couldn't use that form during the last incident. I'm willing to go along with that using Satan Soul twice was just too much for her. She's been out of commission for such a long time that while she stands in terms of power right near the top she can't keep it up. On top of it maybe the fact that she might kill Lisanna accidentally before saving her was too big a gamble, especially against a foe so strong that it might take all she had to bring him down.

That was a pretty hilarious way to end things with Mary. Just too freaking cute for a form that overwhelming in power. Now that was damn funny even though I kind of saw it coming when the screen closed in on her face like that.

On the other hand this silly Erza stuff is getting over the top. No offence to the characters, but no matter how good looking those girls might be they can't make those suits work. It just got worse when that creepy trio showed up. Please god let some enemies show up to actually attack Erza.... This is turning into the tragedy of the filler arc.

At least Lucy got her whip back and had a solid combo with Romeo. Though on a side note wish she'd call up Loke more often. You'd think after Lucy has gone missing for 7 years that every spirit would be eager to jump into the action to see her again. Might have wondered if her contracts were alright after being gone for that long.

Nice that the story is starting to unfold a bit more here. Nothing worse than a super loyal group working for someone completely insane/corrupted/whatever.
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