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I find it ironic that in an episode where Makishima acts more like The Joker than ever before, people are now attacking the Makishima/Joker comparison (one that I myself have made before on Psycho-Pass threads).

There's plenty of good reasons for the Makishima/Joker comparison, so I don't consider it a "lazy" comparison.

1) Both are "Chaotic Evil", or at least lean heavily towards that.

2) Both are highly intelligent, and very resourceful.

3) Both clearly take pleasure in killing their targets. They're not clinical and "This must be done for the greater cause" about it. They enjoy it.

4) Makishima delights in dueling Kougami in much the same way that The Joker delights in dueling Batman.

5) There's some real similarities between their key plans. Creating riots with the aid of random crooks, and bioterrorism, are very much the sort of stuff that Joker loves doing. Joker would have heartily approved of both of Makishima's major plots during this anime.

6) Both The Joker and Makishima feel deeply alienated from the world in general. That's a big part of why they do what they do.

7) Both like using deathtraps. Makishima made that particularly clear this episode.

8) Even Makishima's choice of weaponry is increasingly Joker-esque. Freakin' dynamite for crying out loud.

9) Makishima has even adopted a classic villainous laugh with this episode.

The Joker is a clown and Makishima is a bishi... but that can be chalked up to the conventions of their respective mediums (superhero comics and anime).

Yes, there are differences between the two, but there's also substantial overlap. I think that Makishima is a bit more complex than Joker, but the two definitely lean heavily in the same direction.

I'm not going to get into Roger's extreme disrespect for Batman because that would go off on a tangent. Suffice it to say that I think Roger is really selling Batman way short here.
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