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Originally Posted by KaneDragon View Post
This is the first time I've looked in this thread. SaiGAR sure didn't end well, but sure, I guess I'll try voting in here.

When I saw that Yutaka was 40th, I raged, just a little bit. She'll be my number one pick for sure. Number two will be Matsuri. Ponytail (and zettai ryouiki) moe~ ;_;

Since nominations last until the 20th, I'll wait until tomorrow to vote...
Eh, there's not really anything good coming from voting for characters below 23th place, and I doubt your five points will help raise Yutaka's -117 to zero.
(That was code for: 5 FOR MATS!)
She actually goes twintail once, too, and absolute territory is always nice.

Matsuri was -20ish when I started voting (first round of nominations), and she probably recieved almost 20 points from just my friend and I over the two nomination rounds, now just barely making the top 17, so it's probably better to vote strategically than to vote for characters you really want in (unless you can get a character you really want in by voting strategically.)
Originally Posted by Gotank View Post
No kidding, but it applies to more than just KyoAni... Just the other day I was thinking through some of the character gender ratios, and most popular shows have terribly disproportionate numers like 3:9 or something like that... Any harem anime is obviously going to have lots of females, but it seems action series are following that trend (SnS, ZnT, Rozen, Nanoha, etc.)
Shakugan no Shana:
Yuji, Eita, Keisaku, Ike, maybe Khamsin. (5)
Shana, Kazumi, Margery, Wilhelmina, Matake, arguably Hecate/Konoe. (6)
That's mildly even, and cutting the last minor characters for each gender will only change the ratio slightly. (5:6 to 4:5)
Also, most of the Crimson Lords are male, and the majority of the Tomogara are male.

Zero no Tsukaima:
Saito's the only main character, but then again, this really is a harem anime.
There's maybe four girls in his harem, with a couple of other female side characters, but a lot of the other minor characters are male.

Rozen Maiden:
Yeah, there's one guy. And the old guy. Actually, there's also another in the second season.
But the ratio here is probably between 7:1 to 10:1 by gender for the main characters. I'll agree that's a little lobsided (but just a little)

Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha:
It has a clear "Magical Girl" in its title, and mahou shoujo anime generally have more female characters than male anyway.
Originally Posted by Ithekro View Post
Note that 12 girls that are registered as locked in before the tournament (due to being top 16 winners in 2006-2007 Japanese and Korean Saimoes) are KyoAni girls. A 13th has been added for Kyou from Clannad for her superior vote totals during the entire nomination process. Her sister Ryou currently holds the bottom spot of the possible new 17 entires that have been nominated to date (16 now that Kyou is locked in). With the 12 prior Saimoe top sixteens and the 8 in the current top 17 for nominations, KyoAni has 20 contestants at this time from Clannad (6), Haruhi (5), Kanon (5), Lucky Star (3), and Full Metal Panic (1). In the top 40 nominees there are two more KyoAni girls: Misuzu Komio (Air) and Yutaka Kobayakawa (Lucky Star). KyoAni seems to be able to put out moe girls, or they are very good at locking in good source material.
I agree here. Kyoto's quality and bishoujo style of animation (and its Lucky Star style) easily make its characters much more moe. However, a lot of this is probably attributed to the fact that Kyoto had produced that anime, too, as even in SaiGAR, there were a handful of characters from KyoAni titles that were less than deserving. (Kyon, Yuuichi, Anisawa Meito [Whose name I didn't know until I read through the SaiGAR list]) And yes, this was just about every male character that had appeared in their anime of late 2006 and 2007. Minoru Shiraishi isn't GAR, but he wins for pure awesomeness.
Originally Posted by Ithekro View Post
I'm presently happy that Chiaki Minami (Minami-ki) has gotten back into the top 17. Her sisters are still on the chart but both are in the red zone. Hanyuu (Higurashi) (who is way too cute) is also still in the running. I'm sad Chii (Chobbits) and Osaka (Azumanga) aren't in the top 17 because they need a second shot at Saimoe, having not had a chance since the first Saimoe for 2002 (Osaka was second place that year and I think Sakara (that year's winner) was the one who knocked out Chii early on). It is sort of strange that Chiyo (Azumanga) is so far down the list (58th with 22 votes) and Lucky Star's "walking moe" Miyuki is almost at the bottom with three votes.
I didn't find Chiaki particularly moe, but she was a fun character overall (my favourite of Minami-ke). And Sakura of CCS (you were probably correct) holds only the tenth spot, so characters she had beaten out of the tournament would have much less of a chance (though I had supported Osaka early on, I think) Personally, I didn't find Miyuki moe at all, but it was mainly because she was moreover a parody of "moe" itself, with her only real moe moments as humour as opposed to "fanservice moe". I also generally dislike megane-wielding characters in general, so that may have also been a factor as well.
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