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Originally Posted by KaneDragon View Post
I was so focused on the top 40 characters that I forgot about poor Nayuki... but then I saw that all my favorite Kanon girls (with Nayuki being the top) were already qualified, and all was well.
Here's a thing to think about as we are soon to receive the results of the test poll in about ten minutes or so:

I was seriously thinking about excluding Korea Super Best Moe. This means that Mai Kawasumi would have been out too, having to rely on a nomination vote for a top what would be 18 slot. But after seeing that there were 18 nominations, I thought that had to be too many. So I included her in.

And to make this even more a sign of destiny, Mai beat Eri Sawachika by one vote to get in this field.

If Super Best Moe was excluded, Mai would have had to fight her way in. I'm sure she could have gone in anyway, but that would have knocked Ayu out since she wouldn't have received as many votes, and Mai herself would suffer from split voting as well, giving entry to two other contestants.
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