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I actually not that surprise at the part about their mother. After a while, I think the Takanashi couple might be a role switching of
Spoiler for CLANNAD AF spoiler:

The reason she has never showed up might be the same as well. Her children kept reminding her of her husband. She simply think that she is incapable of raising them in her state of mind, so she left them to someone else. I'm not saying that was the right thing to do. In fact, I would say that was totally wrong, but her decision does make some senses.
The comparison is apt, but I don't find the emotional registers plausible, which was the same problem I had with clannad. A mother who misses her husband is far more apt to cling to her children as a memory of their father than abandon them. My problem with this plot device isn't so much that the mother's behavior is bad, but that it isn't plausible. I still think a nasty divorce would have made more sense (or, most plausibly, both parents dying in something like a freak car accident), but like I said, the Rikka-Yuuta interaction still made the episode enjoyable to me.
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