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OK, could someone run me the play-by-play here? I think this is the first time I've ever been confused by a Naruto fight before. If I am to understand this correctly, the fight went something like:

-Juubi roars and glares menacingly.
-Kurama and Gyuki give it Bijuu Dama Bullet Hell.
-Juubi retaliates with a Bijuu Lazor.
-Kurama and Gyuki coil up and dodge.
-Kakashi somehow sucks up Gyuki and Bee very quickly before the dust clears. Didn't he have trouble sucking up something the size of a soccer ball earlier?
-Kakashi and Naruto clone are tossed towards the Juubi.
-Kakashi pulls Gyuki and Bee out from the Kamui dimension since he can apparently do that now.
-HOLY [BLEEP] Gyuki and Bee out of nowhere, ready to fire a nice, juicy blast into all 3 antagonists present.
-When all else fails, ram them with a force of an 18-wheeler.
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