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6Kakashi can use all aspects of Kamui now, and used them to amazing effect. .
Makes you wonder why Obito just couldn't kamui all the other pokemon? We wouldn't have needed the entire Akatsuki plot. Or did he lack the Kyuubi recharge that turned Kakashi into Super Kakashi?

I didn't see any fun fighting or great choreography. Just a jumbled mess that has plagued Kishi's giant monster fights. You have to read the chapter a few times to even understand what is happening. And that is not because of any subtlety on Kishi's part.

Naruto and gang shouldn't really be any threat to something that can destroy the world. The fact that they didn't even get put on their backs and have already launched an attack in one chapter means they should get smoked next week.

There can't be a back and forth fight given how powerful Madara and the Jyuubi are. Even if the Kyuubi is now Captain Awesome. This fight needs new participates to keep it fresh. About time for the army. Getting bored with Naruto, Kakashi, Kirabi, and Gai.
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