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Originally Posted by Ulquiorra View Post
There can't be a back and forth fight given how powerful Madara and the Jyuubi are. Even if the Kyuubi is now Captain Awesome. This fight needs new participates to keep it fresh. About time for the army. Getting bored with Naruto, Kakashi, Kirabi, and Gai.
You are forgetting that this is not a comlete 10-tails, just some inclomplete one, the 2 strongest pieces of it are actually fighting it right now. As we see Obito is worried that if the fight takes too long that might weaken it, so i guess he is worried that the incomplete 10-tails has only a limited amount of the 8 and 9 tails components of chakra and when that runs out it will break down. On the other hand we see that Madara doesn't want to do it in such conditions, so he won't help Obito to rush the plan, he wants to first capture the remaining 2 and then maybe have some fun being immortal and invincible instead of completeng his plan right now.

The army should be no good either, since Madara could summon his super-size-double-meteor to crush an entire army just for fun. Sure a few individuals from the army could maybe do something useful for half a chapter, but that's it.

But i still have a small hope for the idea that i described some months earlier: Obito using an incomplete eternal tsukiyomi on just the alliance army and Naruto. In such a genjutsu world anything could happen (anyone dying) without consequences, so the author would be free to make an extreme plot. Also if he doesn't tell us when the mass genjutsu started then he could trick the reader into thinking that all those extreme things really happened. If he realizes that Madara won't help him to get rid of the guys attacking the 10-tails while he can complete the jutsu (and the author invented this lengthy preparation phase to help the plot ) then he will be forced to start an incomplete version of it before the 10-tails breaks down into it's pieces.
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