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Originally Posted by Hidfe View Post
If Godou doesn’t get an authority and as a reason something like „not yet a full powered heretic god“ is given then I will feel trolled from the author.
On the other hand I would accept the platinum colored disc from Guinevere as a reason. Personally I think after a God of Steel is defeated their essence (authority) is absorbed by the disc and therefore the Campione doesn’t get the authority. After all both the sign of Perseus and Sun Wukong appeared on the disc and no Campione got an authority from them.

Well Guinevere isn’t dead (at least not at the end of chapter 7). Her “soul” flew away and Alec chased after it.

I don’t know which fight you have read but I read a total domination of Alec. Godou couldn’t even touch him. At the end he used raptor and couldn’t move anymore. Godou cheated himself to round 2 because he used a power of a god he certainly can never use again but nothing indicates that round 2 would have been different then round one. Hell Alec never displayed any will to fight while Godou was burning with battle spirit. Alec didn’t even use 3 of his authorities because he needed them to trap Guinevere. The Battle was a total win for Alec and he didn’t even TRY to win.
Well you got your opinion, that was mine, The way I saw it, round 1 is done but not necessarily a total defeat. Godou had Alec authorities going berserk, a guy who prefer to fight with planning now has his power disrupted is going to be a complete turn around. Also, this is a battle there is always cheating. The old phrase "All wars is deception", you are going to seldom find a real battle of life and death without cheating. Next round would have resulted in a total bashing of Alec by Godou if it continued, though sadly interrupted by Godou's harem. I've seen fights up close and been in a few myself to know when the tide or momentum of a fight or battle has changed course.

Still questioning why Erica, Yuri, and Lily decided to stop the fight, would have been interesting to let it go on. If Godou wins their side gets praise and recognition of the Magi world.
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