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Originally Posted by GDiddy View Post
I hate Gary Stus too.
You should know by now that the term Mary Sue/Gary Stu does not apply to original characters, only to self-inserted characters in fan fiction.

Originally Posted by CJ_Walker View Post
I don't think Touma has any issues, hes pretty good, I mean the only thing he has is his punch (can someone say sniper?)
Some issues people have with Touma is that he's a particularly bland harem protagonist (but given that he's screwed whoever he chooses...) and that his ability is some sort of Plot Armor. You know, if it really is Plot Armor, then why does he lose to physical fighters when even one of the most powerful magicians in the story can't even freaking TOUCH HIM?

But well, if you think Imagine Breaker is bad, you haven't probably seen Naruto (Kishi LOVES the Uchiha clan) and Bleach (ZOMG AIZEN SO OP) yet.

Anyways, see my sig for the exact reason why I started this thread.
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