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*sigh* as exciting of a game it was my god am I sick of prevent defense. All I ever see it do is leave people wide open for easy plays to move down the field and win games with field goals. It kind of makes victories feel cheep or too easy from my perspective. Then you'll hear nothing but praise about the QB coming back to win while ignoring the defense playing like complete dolts leaving people open for easy passes. Yup, so impressive.

In fact it seems like that's what half of passes look like in the nfl today, just guys passing to wide open receivers because of some badly played zone coverage where a defender just lets a WR run right pass them. That's why i don't put much stock into passing stats anymore. It all just looks too easy nowadays for so many QBs. I'll keep coming back to this game I love but dang do I feel more and more disappointed by how ridiculously easy it looks passing the ball is now, especially with how its hard enough coverage since you can't touch a damn guy covering anymore. It doesn't seem like anything on these winning drives are earned and that i'm watching a game of touch football.

Sorry for the rant, was kind of fuming after the game thinking, here we go again.
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