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Mars of Destruction- A short 19 minute OVA though I think it probably was intended to be longer since it ends on a cliffhanger, but seeing how poorly made the episode we did get was, perhaps it's a good thing more episodes weren't made.

The plot and characters aren't well developed. For the latter, I can't think of a good way to describe their personalities since they don't really show much personality nor are their motivations explained in any depth. I don't think the short length excuses this either since most stories give the audience a good sense of a character's basic personality and motivations within their introduction. The same thing applies to the OVA's plot which also is not well explained so there's little sense of what is at stake. Not to mention the plot twist that concludes the OVA comes out of nowhere.

The animation is very limited which is very noticeable during the fight scenes where the characters seem to just stand around and get hit. There are also quite a few pointless and not very impressive looking panning shots.
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