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Originally Posted by HurricaneHige View Post
If you don't waste money on garbage from 1-60, when you hit 60 you should have around 5-8k.

A round of dailies, with the elite gold buff, gives around 2k a day.

A queen weapon for DPS cost anywhere from 20k (bow) to 40k (Lancer/greatsword)

I've been playing since day 1, not very hardcore, with endgame gear +12 on my char and 100k in my pocket. My clan leader who's hardcore has 700k and 2 fully decked out characters.

Just some reference for your question.
Ahh ok this was basically what I was wondering about. People in chat were making out like the gems were a big deal so I was confused. Then again I was in the noobie zone so that probably had something to do with it.

Is there a way of previewing stuff before you can equip it?

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