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I hate to say it, but at this point the only anime I've really been able to bring myself to watch through have been those that friends recommend to me.Even Psycho Pass I only started on a recommendation! Right now I'm two episodes into Full Moon wo Sagashite, and I started the series on Tuesday. So I've been a bit bad...

My backlog is rather strange. It includes winter 2011 (yes, that number is correct) final episodes (again, four or fewer episodes from finished), a couple shows that I really like (but yet have not finished or caught up on) and right now I have a growing list of "plan to watch" which I suspect will become, for the first time, a lot of "dropped."

I need someone to move up to my area and make me watch stuff.

Edit: Spurred on by a funny video, I started watching Nichijou. I can't stop... Help!

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