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Also, as mentioned earlier the issue of order is clearly quite big - I think it's easier if we stay focused on Vol. 1 for now instead of drifting off onto other novels, no?

Also, regarding ponytails, I'd say we keep it as it is. As shown in THIS post below, there seems to be some people thinking that long-haired Haruki in the beginning is a good idea, and I'm starting to think that way as well.
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Spoiler for Tidiness:
And of course, the ponytail fetish is an essential part of Kyon, regardless of gender. -w-

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What's wrong with using another knife in Lone Island syndrome?

Of course the agency might consider Haruki's more GARish attitude, and may decide to make it a gun killing. If that's the case, this would probably be the murder weapon.

I didn't say anything about my opinions on this, I just reminded you that you'd drifted off-topic. -.-
Anyway. We have to consider the suspect and the victim, here. I think it'd be best to either use the same knife as in the original, OR: Here's an idea - use some decorative short sword thing and let Kyon-ko have freaky flashbacks to Asakura's assaulting her. Now THAT's impact. _W_
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