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Originally Posted by NejinOniwa View Post
Also, as mentioned earlier the issue of order is clearly quite big - I think it's easier if we stay focused on Vol. 1 for now instead of drifting off onto other novels, no?

Also, regarding ponytails, I'd say we keep it as it is. As shown in THIS post below, there seems to be some people thinking that long-haired Haruki in the beginning is a good idea, and I'm starting to think that way as well.

And of course, the ponytail fetish is an essential part of Kyon, regardless of gender. -w-
That hair isn't long enough for a ponytail.

The fetish does not translate well to girl-Kyon, if you ask me. I can't imagine her having a fetish for guys with ponytails. Long hair, rockstar/princely hair, maybe, but...

Originally Posted by Roger Rambo View Post
A thing we need to consider about using a Katana over a knife, is that Asakura wouldn't be able to conceal it without using his abilities before attacking Kyonko.

We'd have to have Asakura immediately attack Kyonko when she comes in, or have him use Data manipulation to hide the knife. The 1st option causes us to lose characterization, and the 2nd one doesn't properly build up to the unveiling of Asakura's powers.

Really, Asakura isn't the same without a good old combat knife.
If you've seen the doujin, you'll know it's not a katana, it's a wakizashi (or something similar), which is smaller.

He could easily conceal it in a sheath under his blazer.
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