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Hmm, maybe any mythology in Code Geass is all rooted back to the Geass. Geass was the word Lelouch came up with and C.C. wasn't familiar with it so perhaps every culture in the world has a word for Geass. It would also explain why there are Geass ruins all over the world.

Perhaps C.C. fits the role of several different people in various mythology and perhaps even historical figures though I am still partial to her being a regular human at some point in her life.
There is some definite potential with this line, especially including the fact that we just got that recent influx of Hindu mythology. The Avatars could allow for people to percieve their deity change over and over, as the letters gain new Geass users as time progresses. It would also for CC to spend time both as deity and witch, depending on how long she sticks around and how much power she displays.

Now we get to kill time figuring out how many different deities she could be. Ironically, I can't really place her in the norse pantheon off the top of my head.

Final note, but at first glance wielding the sword of Akasha seems a lot like destroying reality, but hopefully they will reveal why its less nihilistic than that.
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