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Originally Posted by Dann of Thursday View Post
Um, I think you are in the wrong thread. And I don't see what that has to do with anything.
Indeed (-_-'' Besides, you learn that while watching anime, these stars do NOT have the same symbolic relevance as they do in the real world today silly.

Though now that I think about it. The stars in the military, you know when you get promoted you have more stars thingy. Do we see any of those in the Code Geass anime? >.<?

Oh and about Nun!C.C (who is win btw), so long as she doesn't turn out to have been some sort of Jeanne D'Arc or said heroine herself, I won't complain. I do love C.C but if the writers go (Nico Robin no tragic past) on us and turn her into some sort of Mary-sue I don't think my heart will take it very lightly.
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