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Originally Posted by Vestu View Post
Hello everyone!
What is Sotokanda? As I log in, create my avatar (dunno when I'm supposed to create the char-idol or choose an island) the game begins in the Akihabara station and I have no idea how to create the char-idol or even exit Akihabara. I've talked to every single NPC there only finding out that you have to pay real money to buy clothes. Can someone write a quick start guide? lol
Hello. I'm glad to see you joining our community. If you're interested, we can meet online once I settle the things at my uni and will have more spare time.
Speaking of communication, I think there's a possiblity to find a person with the help of in-game mobile phone.
My name is still the same - nikorai.
So far i've managed to establish contacts with a japanese person but still I aim to broaden my list of acquaintances.

dunno when I'm supposed to create the char-idol or choose an island
Don't panic! - No worries, that is.
We got it handled.

What is Sotokanda?
This question is related to the previous one, 100%.
Sotokanda (外神田) is a building in Akihabara (use the map to navigate through locations). They call it a secret society but in fact it is your fully automatic NPC service for registering the stay of all the newcomers.
First, you need to talk to two girls.
Their names are 燐(Rin) and 蛍(Hotaru). Rin stays near the trainman and Hotaru can be found near Sotokanda. Once in Sotokanda, go talk to 真珠 (I think her name is Mami. Basically it is pronounced shinju, that is a pearl). She asks you to choose your island to stay in. Also you're asked what type of girl you prefer. The options are 1) cheerful 2)solemn 3) whatever.
Then you can go by train to your chosen island. Once reaching the destinaiton, go to your apartment. It is absolutely empty but you've got a visitor! It is your idol girl who you can give a name to. Then you can leave her at your apartment or chose to accompany you wherever you plan to go (anywhere, except for other islands). 外を出かけよう!that is.

I'm personally staying on Shuffle! island.

Many people including me, come to akihabara to watch tv. I also often stop by and sit in front of the screen.

What I've done so far:
- went through the procedure (see above).
- bought some nico-nico points and spent them on gachapons and clothes. Furniture is much more expensive and goes beyond my budget.
- completed some quests (at Verbena Academy. Helped girls send away boys with their confessions. Helped a teached look for his lost o-bentou).
- spent some time chatting and watching the local anime (there are quite nice titles, I should say. Of course, they can be watched from nico-nico, but what fun it is to watch in-game tv, mind it). You can test your connect with this as well. If the video slows down, the things are bad.

Current issues for me:
- extablishing more contacts. The chat is totally japanese so it is a bit hard to catch the conversation with such terrible japanese as mine.
- doing some major quests.
There should be some chance to meet the Shuffle/da capo/clannad girls. Haven't figured what to do so far.
- handling ai tune.
When you right-click on your girl, you can customize her behavior and replies, depending on the time and place. There are quite a number of options. I'd love to get a guide on this myself.

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