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Originally Posted by danin8r44 View Post
The problem isn't that there was "no setup". It is that the little set up that there is occurred primarily within this episode. It just felt unnatural for something so dramatic, almost to the point of it feeling unnatural, happened with only one episode supporting the drama out of a whole batch of 24. I don't think there is "no setup" just "hasty setup".
Aye, I wasn't referring to your post (apologies if you thought so) because I have a similar regret about the series --- it has to cram a LOT of ideas into an absurdly tight time budget. These last 2 or 3 episodes deserve 6 episodes of time. So Ryuuji's explosion at Ya-chan wasn't telegraphed well (as in you wouldn't think it from the relatively mild discussion with the teacher and his afterthoughts).

I was focused on the utterly lame noises I'm reading on randomc and other forums where people are acting like they just got blindsided by everything. Seriously about half or better of the anime fans do get it (much better than the 90% humans-are-idiots rule). But you just have to stand in awe of those who basically proclaim they don't actually follow the relatively straightforward plot.
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