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Originally Posted by relentlessflame View Post
I hesitate on the one hand, because I definitely think that anyone, regardless of age, can be reflective and insightful. And, likewise, I know many people who should have more "life experience" that seem to demonstrate absolutely no need to evidence that online. (As Vexx said, I'm probably being a bit too gracious here... )

What annoys me is the whole culture that seems to encourage this sort of speak-before-thinking attitude, and acts like because they have an opinion about something there must absolutely be a flaw in whatever they're criticizing simply because they don't like it. That's nonsense. No blogger or forum poster is going to convince me, just by the virtue of their having an opinion, that they know more about good writing than the actual people who wrote the show. I guess it's sort of the old "everyone's a critic" bit, except that it doesn't help when those people are also both arrogant and ignorant. In general, I would love to see less outrage and more reasoned analysis, but clearly this isn't the way to feed one's ego online. People just want to be told "you're right, that was so totally stupid and wrong, and it's the show's fault for being poor!" rather than "the show may be just fine; maybe you should watch it again to pick up on all the things you missed the first time and think about it". More often than not, the problem is the latter and not the former. Anyway, pipe dreams...
I agree with everything you said, especially on people who insists (and tries to convince others) that they know so much about "good writing" and "bad writing". Oh I hate that phrase...
And unfortunately, this is internet. The place where we argue about stupid crap. Therefore, it's mandatory to have e-peens the size of Eiffel Tower, and thus, must convince others of our superior knowledge of how to write or direct a story.

Well, I agree about everything other than age part.
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