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Originally Posted by aohige View Post
I agree with everything you said, especially on people who insists (and tries to convince others) that they know so much about "good writing". Oh I hate that phrase...
And unfortunately, this is internet. The place where we argue about stupid crap. Therefore, we have e-peens the size of Eiffel Tower, and thus, must convince others of our superior knowledge of how to write or direct a story.

Well, I agree about everything other than age part.
I hate kids. I eat babies, and use teenagers as slaves.

But don't tell anyone.
My opinion is that good writing is entirely subjective. The point of a forum is to trade opinions and ideas as well as facts, so I think its fine to say what is or isn't good writing as long as you don't say the other person is wrong as well. For instance I thought Moby Dick was horrible writing but apparently its a classic, in the same way some people say this Tora Dora episode was written well and I think it didn't flow well with the other episodes. I am glad it didn't end with too hyper girl being the heroine though...

EDIT: Don't worry I eat babies too. XD
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