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Originally Posted by langrisser_ex View Post
Currently it's showing season 2... The girls are at their 3rd year in high school. By the next year, Azusa will be left alone unless there are new members...

Will there be a Season 3?

If there is a season 3, here are some of the possibilities:

P1) Either Ritsu/Yui failed the final exams and repeat school for 1 more year...
P2) All will be in their University and continue to be the school's 'special light music club members', even though they are no longer the students...
P3) All of them work part time...and form an official 'After School Tea Time' pop group...
the story continues...

What do you guys think? (Please help to think of ideas

The season 2 will consist of about 24 episodes like Lucky Star.
Then I think K-ON!! will be expected to be ended up with its last TV episode except OVA version no matter how many other episodes Kaki Fry, the author keeps on creating.

These are my opinions below.
A1) I think that it couldn't be because it's quite so much embarrassing to repeat the same year for Japanese senior high school students especially for girls. If she was like that, she would change high schools.
A2) I desire that will be so, too. But unfortunately Japanese Otakus don't feel pleased with Anime female characters with a boyfriend, or don't take much interest in Anime female college students because they think it's quite weird they don't have any boyfriends. (So, we hardly see Anime of which heroine is in a college.)
A3) If you want the story made to go well, I think Yui, Mio, Ritsu and Mugi had better skip a college as you say. Otherwise, maybe it won't be continued.

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