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Originally Posted by relentlessflame View Post
My comment about that game, for whatever it's worth, would be that it's a game that I felt was stronger on the whole than in any given route. If I look at any one route and pick it apart, I can find some things I didn't like about each. But when I look back on the whole thing and consider all the characters, the way they interacted with each other, and the overall work, I come away with a good impression. As for the art, I think it varies significantly -- I really like the overall style, but it feels like the artist is new and hasn't quite gotten the technique down to a science yet. I think they'll probably keep getting better with future works.
I appreciate it . As I mentioned many times before, my very few parts of self-taught/memorized japanese is too limited to grasp the majority of stories. But I agree, from the look of it the interaction between the club members leaves a good impression so far.

Edit: Finished Chisato's route which was also the only avaiable on the first run. I have underestimated the VN because it has left a better impression than I thought. Of course my being a hopless romance-VN fan helped a lot. With that as foundation, Chisato's route was quite nice and I was relieved that the drama/personal conflict didn't turn out as I feared it would and as opposed to manga ShoRom drama I could understand Chisato's troubles D:. But jeez, I'd like more protas who aren't completely oblivious to the girls. Yuki was in that regard not really better, but fortunately got quite better muuuch later on. It's always a surprise to see the radical difference between japanese student council elections and the western ones. At least I cannot remember such work emphasis in german universities/colleges.

@canon ending: It's not an eroge, but Symphonic Rain also has a true end after you have finished all available parts before and obviously Clannad. I know about Sharin no Kuni + fandisk relation, but somehow forgot to mention it. Majikoi has also a True route (if the walkthrough's describing it as such is worth something), just not in terms of pairings ... The only game that is composed of only "canon pairings" is Ef - a fairytale of the two

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