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Why everytime this anime goes like it will present us with some answer it automatically ends up raising more question?

Originally Posted by Kazu-kun View Post
Spoiler for ep20:
Episode start: Pingroup, later on : Kiga
I'm really curious to know why the group changed. They seem to utter the same stuff (the world is wrong, we have to change it etc) but could it be they don't exactly seek the same goal? Or did their methods changed?
Kenzan looks like he is the leader of Pingforce, while Masako, Mario (and Kenban)'s father, the heir of Nastume corp. is a member of Kiga, possibly their leader.
I wonder why there are two distinct groups when they both seem to have the same goal. Could one of them be more extreme than the other? (That would be Kiga imo).

The Himari&Shou flashback was nicely done. Not sure what to think of the Adam&Eve analogy, though I expected it somehow. Now will try to watch the rest of the serie without focusing too much on the (very) sexual meaning of those apples .
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