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There's a lot of talking about "being chosen" going on. Only the "chosen ones" are worth something and have the right to live, everyone else it's unneeded. That's why when Shouma goes into the Broiler for Himari she says "thank you for chosen me". Basically she's ascribing her worth as a person to Shouma's decision. This is all terribly misguided: your worth as a person depends entirely on you and you alone. Is Himari another Tabuki in the making?[/spoiler]

If you take that scene : + this one :
Add over it various talk about about being among the chosen ones or not...
Risks of Final Solution imho .

Whatever the Child Boiler really is intended to symbolize, it does serve the same function as a concentration camps (concentration hangar ?) : gather people you deem unworthy to live in your society and make them disappear.
Not saying both are the same things of course but they do have strong similarities.
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