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It should be noted that Sanetoshi, who is the real leader behind Kensan's terrorist organization, keeps pressuring Himari to realize her feelings for Shouma. Considering this, I'm starting to believe that Himari and Shouma's "love" needs to be consummated (whatever that means) for KIGA and Sanetoshi's plan to come to fruition.

This also explains why the PotC was keeping Shouma out of the loop, since she seems to be against Sanetoshi and KIGA.
I haven't watched the episode yet but this is what I guessed last week

I saw some people (or a certain person) saying Shouma being Himari's "fated one" was pulled out of nowhere but I said that the fact that the POC was dropping Shouma out of the survival strategies was the biggest clue of all.

Still need to watch the episode so I really should not be in this thread
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