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Started playing Manatsu no Yoru no Yuki monogatari. Like with my recent VNs it seems the new theme to spam poor Mahou with "mystery" at each possible moment as soon as possible (here it started in the prologue ). As usual I decided to play it due to the - IMHO - nice CGs I have seen on a review and so far the characters seem quite likeable. The ususal pervy protagonist (who calls himself a "Banchou"), two nee-chan (twins), class rep, a yuki onna and twin sisters as classmatess :P. With that the most important condition (the likeable cast) is already met so the rest is only a nice-to-have (too much OMFG "epic" drama stories in a row are not too favorable for me in general).

My previous mentioned Ushinawareta Mirai o motomete was decent enough.
Spoiler for endings rambling:

Edit: Mana and Koromo's Genjitsu and Genzou path done! WHERE IS MY DANG HAPPY ENDING?! /endless rage and venting
Two characters left until I can select the after story of each girl. A harsh method to block poor Mahou from his desired happy endings in the Genzou route *insert crying smiley*

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