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Originally Posted by Mahou View Post
Done with the main routes of Manatsu no Yoru no Yuki Monogatri
Uhm where to start without spoilers? It had an interesting layout of one shared prologue between the first three girls and for each girl sans Yukina a "reality" and "illusion" route. Now don't ask me why they were named like this as I have no real idea. But, this setup was also pretty harsh story-wise because each "illusion" route had only a bitter ending and I had to resist to feel too angry about it.

For that Yukina's aka "Truth" route was overall quite good. It gave a final conclusion to everything that happend and the last bits were awesome.
Story-wise: Yukina (for being the true route) > Nozomi > Mana > Koromo. Nozomi was much better than I initially expected and seemed to have more impact in general than Mana + Koromo's route, partly because Nozomi is more tied into the Yuki Onna mystery

And after Yukina's route was done, I'm finally, finally be able to access the After stories of Mana, Koromo and Nozomi! HAPPY END HERE I COME
I have only finished the first part of Nozomi's story (i only started it 2 days ago) and if her story is already one of the better ones, then i will probably be disappointed with Mana's and Koromo's story. Yukina's story is still locked for me, so i guess i will have to read faster to unlock hers.
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