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the series gets an 8/10 for me

they could have condensed more the story and storytelling (or lessen more the dialogues) imo to give way for more action scenes especially on the final episode where it seriously lacks it

the problem i see by the haters of the guilty crown is the too much jumping of character development, like one episode Shu will be a winner then next episode his back on being a loser again and the cycle continuous, well for me this is still acceptable considering that his weak minded due to the trauma of his childhood (mentally ill people have more stress/distress intensity than normal people) and also the environment and experiences he encounter each episode amplifies his weak mindedness, and lol Shu must be one of the anime character that suffered so much bad lucks (adversities) if you list the people he have lost

for me its fine if they do not make a second season of this show, the only thing that can be expanded more is the Da'ath organization but the gist of it is already explained, Ayase and Shu are meant (or more likely) to be together too imo from the hints of episode 21 and as some people have pointed out they are a Cripple Combo

and lol at people saying why Inori cannot be revived like Gai, well the facility that revived Gai was destroyed already and also i bet the Da'ath organization holds the science and technology as well as the money to be able to revive someone that has been crystalized

animation quality wise its good the first 6 episodes are very well done its almost as if im watching a movie already the execution of the action are darn good but after episode 6 i felt that the animation quality and overall direction kinda decrease a lot until the last episode so i guess if they want to make another media for Guilty Crown i think 2 movies will be more better, like those 2 movies will be like a remake of the story pattern and story gist of guilty crown

overall its not totally a bad show like most haters are saying
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