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Before even saying anything, I'll just sum it up first...
It sucked. How bad? Enough to actually disgust me. I mean, damn, I know this show was overhyped, but I myself expected that it would AT LEAST be average, but open up this box and you get one of the crappiest story I've ever seen and I've seen bad anime before.

The characters are random... The students go "Yeah Shu!" --> "Die Shu!" --> "Oh I'm sorry for trying to kill you, best buds forever"
Shu's character never stays in one place. One moment he decides to be king(?) and the next episode he is already faltering. He angst about Hare and never mentions her again afterwards. Inori's whole romance with Shuu was because in the first place, she had fell for him randomly as well. Any point with the blond boy x that girl?
The story is bad.,. Last bosses die lamely, lack of explanation in general on what is going on, Mana dances and dies (that's it?), that scientist decides not to escape for some unknown reason, etc.
Half of the times, everything feels forced. Why did Shuu do a evil laugh to end the episode? NO REASON! They completely ignore that scene in the next episode and the Resistance guy is still alive! They didn't even develop the characters and friendship well-enough and yet try to force us to feel for the characters with the BGM. Shuu gets the students to charge to give him time/room to disable the tower... ONLY THAT HE DIDN"T NEED IT!

So was there anything good? The OP/ED wasn't. The 1st ED was actually pretty nice, but the rest was ruined by that singer.
I guess the animation was nice, but only in the battle scenes. The non-moving scenes had some problems later on.

So anyways, without going into every detail (not that I bothered to remember all of them anyways), 1/10.
This anime, summed up in an image, would be something like this:
Spoiler for small image:

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