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Well, I'll be direct here; Guilty Crown let me down, in so many aspects.

The major flaw of GC, in my opinion, is its handling of characters. They were handled in such a way that by the end of the series, you can't really sympathize with them or feel emotionally involved, no matter how hard you try. In my opinion, Shu develops the most in the series, considering his role as the main protagonist. He starts off as one of those "wimpy types," transitions into a "dictator" and eventually a tragic hero-like figure. He wasn't likable, for me, but he was developed. But the thing is, I can't name any other character that has enough development to match Shu's. The closest I can say is that of Gai, but his character ended up being screwed up as well.

Spoiler for Bit o' rant...:

One of the aspects of GC that drew me in was its prominent staff. With Hiroyuki Yoshino and Ichiro Okouchi as writers, redjuice in charge of the character designs and Supercell and Hiroyuki Sawano doing the series' music, it occurred to me that GC might end up being the blockbuster of the season. Instead, I found myself regretting that I'd expected too much from the show. An example is the introduction of EGOIST into the series, which turns out to be a mere a plot device and extra cream on the cake.

Don't get me started on the script.

But GC isn't brimming full with bad stuff. The score by Hiroyuki Sawano, as well the songs produced by Supercell, results in one of my favourite anime soundtracks of all time; another case where I actually like the OST better than the anime. Songs like My Dearest, Departures to tracks like Euterpe, Bios, Release My Soul and Hill Of Sorrow make the series more memorable than it should be. On another note, the animation is top-notch and renders the Void-pulling and action scenes fluid and in some cases, beautiful to look at.

Overall, GC earns a 5/10 from me. I really tried to like this series, but it just missed the mark for me. If you like pretty visuals and can't care less about the plot, then maybe this is the series for you.

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