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Animation Quality: 10

It was really nicely drawn/effect + I'm a fan of Redjuice art :P

Voice Actors: 10

Well done.

Script: 7

Not only did I got confuse half way through, I think they could make the script muchhh~~ better and i still don't get the significant of the blond guy with the bushy eyebrow. Tho I like the concept of people weapon's match their personality, I think the script need alot of works.

Soundtrack: 9

Egoist music isn't my taste + I don't like the ballad types and was never LOVE Supercell songs either but the OST during the show is good.

Editing: 9

Well done.

Enjoyment: 7

The script kinda made it less enjoyable.

Emotional Involvement: 7

Again. The script fault. Tho I did have a very strong feeling about wanting to punch Shu half way through the show.

Overall - 7.5/10
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