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Sugetsu, I didn't watch the videos, but is it true that the GOP really is trying to tank the economy on purpose? If so, does it come down to them just trying to make Obama a one term president? I mean, how destructive will they be just to make that guy only be in office for 4 years instead of 8?
The Republican party, and to some extent the Democrats as well have basically become unwilling to compromise when they think the other party will get the credit or hell even some of the credit. Both parties have really become present and immediate future thinkers instead of long term future thinking. That really doesn't cut it for our nation and we're the ones suffering their squabbles. There has been so many times recently that they've done a short term deal that does nothing to address issues just to be forced to bring it back up once again half a year or year later and it's getting ridiculous at this point.

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