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Originally Posted by Chaos2Frozen View Post
Oh one more thing, I understand that in a Lvl 9 vs Lvl 9 fight, it's winner takes all. But technically Chrome Disaster is a lvl 6 (I think?) so even if it defeated the Yellow King it wouldn't result in his immediate death right?
That is what we are lead to believe. However, the only concern is the mention that Chrome Disaster kills other players to zero points and Brain Burst uninstall. How is that possible from one kill? Well, tsunade666 explained with background information that [mod edit: see the spoiler tag above in his post if you want to know, as this hasn't been explained in the anime yet].

I don't think he is dead. He will probably run like a yellow chicken when he revives.

Spoilers or comments from other series should be put under spoiler tags.
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