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Originally Posted by The Small One View Post
Maybe he is also one of the Ds. He has enough ds in his name at least.

By that logic, anyone with a "D" in their name could be part of the D clan. I mean, sure on one hand you could consider Whitebeard being one, but on the other side of the spectrum you'd also have to consider guys like Spandam as well.

Originally Posted by randomlex View Post
And it just struck me that Law is officially at the same level as his former captain - both Shichibukai - could it be that he plans to defeat him (possibly using the remains of the defeated Yonkou's crew, many of which would actually be grateful)?

Both Law and Dofla may be warlords, but fact of the matter is that the latter has more seniority, power AND influence than the former. In a way, it's kind of like how Vergo was just revealed to be Smoker's "superior" even though the both of them are the same rank. That being said, I would also agree that Dofla may be part of the reason why Law wants to gather strong allies (though I doubt that he'd be able to convince any emperors to join his side).....

Actually, speaking of Dofla and his men, I wonder if Yarisugi (the commodore introduced this chapter) is one of his moles, as well? I know that the G5 marines in general are made up of just plain nasty bastards, but considering that the branch's commanding officer answers to a warlord, maybe said officer has his own subordinates who work directly under him, as well (as fellow moles, in other words).....

And I just want to say again that I'm really impressed with the slime having its own DF power. In a way, it could even be seen as a loophole of sorts to the whole "one person can't eat more than one DF" rule. Rather than the user themselves eating a second fruit, just have a byproduct of the user's original power eat the other fruit instead! In fact, I'm really hoping that Oda takes this idea further and reveals that the slimander even has its own Awakened form!

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But there should be more insects since there are literally more insect species than all other species in the world combined. They also have the largest population and biomass of all animals combined.

I've been saying it for years now: The ultimate zoan user is going to end up being an Awakened cockroach zoan. Mark my words.
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