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It's been so long since this show last had an episode out, and it'll likely be the last to the finish line. But slow and steady wins the race here. Unless you're Marii. So in that sense, it's fitting that the first segment was all about being the last one. Some of the cultural references from gg were obvious (like "Toonami"), but it fit the rhythm of the jokes, so I didn't mind. Seeing how the jokes get from point A to point B through convoluted wordplay is the charm of this show anyway. The envelope game was fun to watch. Kigu and Tetora are going to have a lucky new year.

The second segment was interesting, going from Fear Factor to shrines to aging without skipping a beat. Gankyou just went up another level. Not only can she become President of Space, she can pull off the cutesy act better than Kigu, even. So Tetora wants to use the blessing to make her chest bigger... even she doesn't have completely perfect luck, I suppose.

For the third sketch, I had to look up what the May blues were, and it looks like it's one of those mental conditions that only Japan has a term for. Like chuunibyou. Seeing them try to apply it to every other month was just the kind of exercise in wordplay I like. Yamashita was almost as bonkers as the moon rabbit, but at least we know where Yamashita came from. Everyone enjoys making Marii the butt of jokes - and that's why Marii's my favorite, because she gives into the madness as much as they pile it on her.

Sleep well, Marii. Yamashita's watching you.
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